Spaetzle | Home Style

Ingredients: Durum Wheat Semolina, Eggs (2 Egg Quality, 10%)

Cooking-Time: approx. 12-15 Minutes

German Egg Pasta

Depending on the consistency of the dough and the process of cooking,
a variety of different spaetzle shapes can be made. Together with
Knoepfle, Spaetzle are the only pastas which are previously cooked in
water before drying.

The Spaetzle Home Style come in a box with a picture of a traditional
Swabian dish.

We use the freshest eggs and the best durum wheat semolina available
for the production of our egg pasta.
The addition of eggs defines the taste, intensifies the golden coloring,
and enhances the cooking characteristics of the pasta. 





Item-No. 65146 12 x 9 oz (255 g) per case (176 cases in a pallet)


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